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Welcome to the Daub Family Web Site

These are the Web sites and pages for Hsoi's Shop and the Daub family. The sites and pages are organized accordingly:

  • hsoi.com - Hsoi's Shop. PowerPlant, C++ programming, software development
  • hsoi.net - MUDs and other things Internet related
  • hsoi.org - Daub family and other personal, non-business stuff
(Yes, I know those sites all resolve to the same place... currently, temporarily. Eventually they will point to separate sites. All URLs on these sites are coded appropriately for longevity.)

As it stands now, you can get to every location within the site from the Links navigation map. The only areas you cannot get to are personal pages, which can be reached here:



These pages copyright ©1999-2003 John C. Daub. All rights reserved.
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Page Created: 27 December 1999
Last Modified: 26 December 2002